Chairs Greeting

Hello Friends,

I am delighted to welcome you to the Department of Anthropology. We are a relatively new undergraduate Department at Georgetown – created in 2008. Our small size allows our students, faculty, and alumni to work closely together. The Department has a strong commitment to “public” scholarship and teaching. Faculty and students are engaged in urgent human issues through lively classroom discussion, provocative guest lectures, and our various activist commitments.

This year we will continue with our lunch-time lecture series, the student-led Anthropology Collective, and teach-ins and workshops that keep pace with unfolding events on campus and around the world.

Our alums who have majored in Anthropology are now working in corporate settings, the non-profit sector, and as filmmakers, journalists, attorneys, and medical doctors. In short, they are talented and successful. Grateful for what they have learned by studying anthropology, they actively help mentor current students. At a time when academic disciplines have been measured against one another for how they prepare students for "the real world," anthropology students learn how to think analytically and to write clearly and persuasively. Anthropological thinking and methods allow students to assess the cultural logic undergirding a variety of communities. Anthropology prepares students to roll-up their sleeves and make thoughtful contributions on issues important to them.

If you have not seen our beautiful space that overlooks the Potomac, please swing by and visit us in Suite 308 of the Car Barn located at 3520 Prospect Street (across the street from 1789 and the Tombs).

I look forward to learning with you all in the year ahead.

Warm Wishes,

Denise Brennan