Course Listings for Current Academic Year

Core Courses

Anth-001 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (offered Fall and Spring)

An introduction to the study of human social, physical, economic, and political adaptation within society. The course provides a comparative framework for viewing cultural institutions and social roles in traditional and complex societies. Introduces students to an overview of the sub-disciplines and methodology of anthropology, and socio-cultural perspectives on such issues as kinship, family structure, gender roles, medical and religious belief systems, and culture change. The cross-cultural perspective should enable students to discover the variations and universal aspects of the human experience.

Anth-320 The Ethnographic Imagination (typically offered Fall)

An overview of the ways in which anthropologists have studied and written about cultural systems in a number of world regions. Using ethnographic case studies, the course explores the nature of anthropological research, concentrating on various schools of thought and approaches to ethnography, including early functionalism and more contemporary ethnography that focuses on experimental writing, collaborative ethnography, and historical approaches to studying culture. The anthropologists we will be reading examine such issues as “race,” political organization, gender roles, identity politics, the city, and violence.

Anth-358 Doing Anthropological Fieldwork(typically offered Fall)

In this course we will not only read anthropology, but also do anthropology. Students will learn about field research design and methodology, as well as conduct their own semester-long field-research projects. In order to acquire the skills necessary for participant observation, we will learn how cultural anthropologists select a research topic, survey a field site, design the study, pose theoretical questions, carry out the research, keep field notes, analyze ethnographic data, and then finally, write an ethnography. We will also read examples of ethnography and other forms of anthropological writing such as testimonials and life histories.

Anth-495 Anthropological Theory (typically offered Spring)

This seminar will survey the major debates in sociocultural anthropology that have taken place over the past 75 years. Instead of reviewing the major texts in chronological order, the course will be organized around four anchor texts that are relatively recent, but will allow us to project both backward and forward in time to related debates and issues.


Please note that elective offerings will vary from semester to semester. Previous offerings include:

African Cultural Modernities
African Culture and Foreign Policy
African Cultures in the Americas
The African Diaspora
Anthropological Perspectives on Gender
The Anthropology of the Arab World
Anthropology, Colonialism & Islam
Anthropology and the Historical Imagination
Anthropology and Social Engagement
Anthropology Through Film
Anthropology of War & Peace in Darfur (Qatar)
Anthropology of Work in the New Economy
Autoethnography: Subaltern Writings on Latin American Culture
Class and Culture in America
Class, Culture and Power in America
Class, Culture, and Race in America
Consuming Drug Foods: Chocolate, Sugar, and Coffee
Culture and Globalization
Cultures and Society: Modern India
Dangerous Kids
Development and Applied Anthropology
Ethnicity and Nationalism
Ethnography of the Colombian Conflict
Ethnography of Modernity in Latin America
Europe in the Anthropological Imagination
Issues in Post-Soviet Society
Medical Anthropology
Migration, Islam, and Transnational Cultures in Europe
Multiculturalism and Urban Life in Australia
On the Move: Migration, Labor, and Rights
The Political Anthropology of the Russian Federation
Political and Legal Anthropology
Popular Culture in the Arab World
Post-Soviet Peoples and Cultures: Asia
Post-Soviet Peoples and Cultures: Europe
Race and Ethnicity in Latin America
Religion and Politics
Religion, Identity, and Social Change
Rock History
Topics in the Anthropology of France
Urban Anthropology: Culture of the City
Visual Anthropology
War Ethnography
Women and Gender in the Arab World
Women, Work, and the Globalized Economy