Why Anthropology?

Cultural Anthropology is the study of how people understand themselves and the world around them through culture. Our goal is to help you interpret cultural differences as well as to bring a critical lens to our everyday assumptions about people, places and ourselves. We are committed to providing an education that will broaden your worldview, offer practical career training and allow you to succeed in our increasingly global society. The knowledge you gain and the skills you develop as an Anthropology student will provide you with great flexibility in terms of your future employment and career options.

The list below from the American Anthropological Association shows just some of the employment opportunities available to Anthropology students after graduation.



Archaeology Ethnography/Cultural Anthropology

Cultural Resource Management (CRM)

Historic Preservation Health (international/public health)
Museum/Curation/Project Design Environment and Natural Resources
Community Development Business
Advocacy (human rights/social justice) Tourism/Heritage
Human/Social Services Healthcare Management/Services/Deliver
Computers/Software Development/Information Technology Management Consulting/Organizational Development/Training
Design (products and/or services) Social Impact Assessment
International Development/Affairs Market Research
Forensics Law/Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement
Mass Communication Humanitarian Efforts

If you are interested in the Anthropology Major or Minor please contact the department for more information.