The senior award for outstanding research in Anthropology

The Anthropology Award recognizes excellence in anthropological research for senior Anthropology majors and minors. It will be presented at the Tropaia Exercises during graduation weekend.

Students interested in this honor should submit a paper of original anthropological research along with their transcript. The paper can be one that they have written for a class, or on their own. Papers and transcripts are due in early April. If you have any questions, please contact


2015: Citlalli AlvarezUNDACAMENTED: Immigrant Youth Identity and Earning Citizenship In America

2014: Michael DeneenAlways Our Children: An Anthropological View of Homosexuality and the Catholic Tradition

2013: Anne DucklesInternational Humanitarian Aid: What We Do, Why, and Why We Shouldn't

2012: Marley BrownCricket and Contested Heritage in Bermuda

2011: Misato Egawa Living Anime: Youth Identity and Fantasy in Metropolitan DC

          Kevin Mercer- Food as a strategy for constructing a trans-national French community and cultural identity

2010: Molly LeBlanc-Medeiros

2009: Jessika Angulo-Duarte

2008: Laura Thompson

2007: Tanya Olmos

2006: Brittany Paselk