Senior Honors Thesis

The Senior Honors Thesis provides an opportunity for senior anthropology majors to engage in and/or continue in-depth research on a topic of particular interest and to produce a substantial piece of written work that, upon completion, will be noted on the transcript and diploma at graduation. The final thesis should be 35-40 pages long. Students must apply to a faculty committee to have the opportunity to research and write a thesis under the direction of a faculty mentor. 

We invite those majors who have a 3.7 GPA in their major courses to submit a proposal for their prospective thesis. This research proposal should include the following information and be NO MORE than four pages:

  • a clear statement of the topic and the research problem
  • its significance to the field of anthropology
  • a short review of the relevant literature
  • the proposed research design
  • a bibliography
  • name of a faculty mentor

Juniors should reach out to the Director of Undergraduate Studies for further advising regarding the timing of the application and development of application materials.