Important Date for Students in Spring 2020

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Students interested in applying for the Stapleton Award should start developing project ideas now! Past Stapleton projects are listed on the website as a reference and those interested should reach out to professors in the Anthropology Department and the Department of Anthropology’s Director of Undergraduate Studies, Professor Andrew Bickford, for application materials which are due on April 7!

Also due on April 7 are student declarations to write a Senior Honors Thesis, students should meet with the Department of Anthropology’s Director of Undergraduate Studies for more information on the thesis process. In addition, graduating seniors are eligible to submit an anthropological research paper to be considered for the Anthropology Research Award, which is presented at Tropaia. This submission is also due on April 7. An email with more information about the research award will be sent to graduating seniors along with details about the Anthropology Graduation Luncheon which occurs prior to Convocation.