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Department Administrator

Amanda Armstrong

Administrative Assistants

Calla Rhodes

College of Arts and Sciences, Senior

Major: American Studies

Minor: Anthropology.

Calla is interested in the construction of race, class, gender, and sexuality in American media.

Emily Scheibe

College of Arts and Sciences, Senior

Major: Economics

Minor: English

Emily is interested in ethics, Rock Climbing, and The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Lisette Blackstone

College of Arts and Sciences, Junior

Major: Anthropology

Minor: Cognitive Science

Lisette spent the summer working on her Stapleton Award research on drug addiction and harm reduction strategies in Dallas, Texas.

Katarina Junod

SFS, Senior

Major: International Political Economy

Minor: Religion Ethics and World Affairs

Kat spent the summer interning for the Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research remotely. She researched new companies in the food and ag space and kept up to date with how climate change is affecting the farmers in the US and worldwide. As the program was remote, she had to opportunity to spend time with her family at the beach and visit Zion National Park. 

Sahar Wakilzada

SFS, Sophomore

(Planned) Major: International Politics

Minor: Arabic.

She is from Afghanistan but has been living in Virginia for about 7 years. She spent the summer in Amman, Jordan, studying Arabic with the State Department through the Critical Language Scholarship. She plans on going to law school after graduation, and loves to write.