Andrew Bickford

Associate Professor

Research Interests: War, Militarization, security, biotechnology.

Areas of Concentration: Europe, United States

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Denise Brennan

Professor and Co-Director of the Gender+ Justice Initiative

Research Interests: migration, borders, labor, trafficking, sex work, and policing

Areas of Concentration: United States, the Caribbean, and Latin America

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Nejm Benessaiah

Assistant Teaching Professor

Research Interests: Climate Change, water politics, digital infrastructures, environmental justice, social movements, oases.

Areas of Concentration: The Sahara, Algeria, the Middle East and North Africa.

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Amrita Ibrahim

Assistant Teaching Professor

Research Interests: Anthropology of media, anthropology of the state, law, and politics; social media, journalism, activism

Areas of Concentration: South Asia, India

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Laurie King

Associate Teaching Professor

Research Interests: Urban anthropology, Visual Anthropology, Symbolic Anthropology, Anthropology of Human Rights

Areas of Concentration: Areas of Concentration: Israel/Palestine, Lebanon, USA

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Gwendolyn Mikell

Professor Emerita

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Sylvia Onder

Teaching Professor

Research Interests: medical anthropology, disability studies, language pedagogy, Turkish culture, nationalism and folklore, youth culture

Areas of Concentration: Turkey, Central Asia, Turkish Communities in Europe

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Heath Pearson

Assistant Professor

Research Interests: Racial capitalism; racism; prisons & policing; labor; land; reproduction; propaganda; white masculinity; common sense.

Areas of Concentration: United States

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Susan Terrio

Professor Emerita

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Chemical Heroes: A Book Talk with Andrew Bickford

February 11th, 2022

Pharmacological Superspreaders in the US Military Join us in welcoming Professor Andrew Bickford for a conversation on his book Chemical Heroes –Pharmacological Supersoldiers in the…

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