The Department of Anthropology offers a major and a minor in the field of cultural Anthropology. To declare a major/minor in Anthropology, please bring an Academic Program Change form to 308 Car Barn and we will be happy to assist. When declaring a major, you will be asked to choose an advisor or the Department will assign one to you. All majors must review their course selections each semester with their advisors in the Department.

Further information about Study Abroad, the optional Senior Honors Thesis, and Stapleton Award


Students majoring in Anthropology are required to take ten courses in the Department, including four core courses and six electives. Of the six required electives for majors, at least half of them must be taught at Georgetown. Up to three electives taken during study abroad may be eligible as part of the six, please consult with the Department’s Director of Undergraduate Studies.


Students minoring in Anthropology are required to take six courses in the Department, including three core courses and three electives.

Note: Effective Fall 2023, all main campus courses have been renumbered using a new 4-digit numbering system.


  • *ANTH-001 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
    • Required of Majors and Minors
    • Offered Fall and Spring Semesters
  • ANTH-320 Ethnographic Imagination
    • Required of Majors and Minors
    • Typically offered Fall Semester
  • ANTH-358 Doing Anthropological Fieldwork
    • Required of Majors and Minors
    • Typically offered Fall Semester
  • ANTH-495 Anthropological Theory
    • Required of Majors
    • Typically offered Spring Semester
    • Restricted to seniors except with instructor permission

*Introduction to Cultural Anthropology or similar introductory course may be taken at another university, but all other core courses must be taken at Georgetown, although up to three courses taken during Study Abroad may transfer over to count as Anthropology electives.

A list of current and past course descriptions can be found on our Courses page. Although please refer to the Registrar’s Website for the most up-to-date course offerings.