Study Abroad: Alex Heintze (B’19) – Australia

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Image of Alex Heintze sitting on a pink surfboard

Where did you go?

Sydney, Australia (University of Sydney)

What class did you enjoy most and why?

My favorite class was Social Entrepreneurship that was taught in partnership with the Remote and Rural Enterprise Program. In this class, I had the opportunity to consult for an Indigenous startup alongside a team of other international students, and I enjoyed combining the skills I had learned in both my business and Anthropology classes.

What is something that took you by surprise?

During my study abroad, I had the chance to intern at the Sydney campus of General Assembly, an ed-tech company that teaches entrepreneurs and business professionals practical technology skills. Throughout my internship, I was surprised by how hospitable and welcoming the team was, and I’m so grateful to have made so many new friends and mentors from this experience!

What is something that you wish you knew before going?

I wish I had known that every day would not be a walk in the park. Before studying abroad, my only lens into what a typical study abroad experience looks like was through the social media of my peers. On social media, most people tend to only post pictures from their highlights and not pictures of the days spent studying for an exam or the times spent missing family or friends. So while most of my time studying abroad remains one of my favorite times of my life, every day was certainly not a walk in the park!

Any advice to future study abroad students? (Can be specific to your location or about the process in general)

Be open to trying new things and meeting new people! Don’t just go where all of your friends are going, but go somewhere that you feel the most excited about.