Study Abroad Process

Before you start: If you want to study abroad, you need to declare yourself as an Anthropology major or minor. In order to do this, you must fill out and submit the appropriate paperwork to the Department and the Dean’s office. After you are declared, you will want to schedule a meeting with the Director of Undergraduate Studies. This is important because your study abroad experience can be influenced by and in turn influence your work within Anthropology. This can be a profound time and we want you to be excited and sure about your program.

1. When deciding to do study abroad, and selecting a region or program it is important to take a “Big Picture” view and get as much advice as possible. Once you’ve selected your region or program with the help of the Office for Global Education (who may be able to help you navigate individual program deadlines and course listings), make an appointment with the Director of Undergraduate Studies to discuss degree planning and how your study abroad experience will tie into your anthropology goals. If you would like to spend more than a single semester abroad, you need to plan this as early as possible.

2. Submit the Study Abroad Proposal Form. This will need to be signed by the Director of Undergraduate Studies and your Dean. This will be submitted with your Study Abroad application. The Study Abroad Proposal Form will allow you to list the proposed courses you’d like to take. List as many as you are interested in, as you may not be able to take the exact courses you planned on taking. It’s better to list more courses. Also make sure you have an understanding of how each of your proposed courses would work as Anthropology electives. Up to three courses may transfer over to count as Anthropology electives.  Remember that listing a course on your Study Abroad Proposal Form does not mean that the course will automatically count for credit when you return. You must follow up upon your return in order for your courses to count for credit in Anthropology.

3. Go forth! You’re studying abroad, enjoy yourself, explore, and follow your interests. It is okay to take courses or approach your assignments differently from what you planned before you left. You’ll work through the implications of this when you get home, or via email with the Director of Undergraduate Studies. Please keep copies of your syllabi, your term papers, and assignments. Also, keep in touch with us – consider sending pictures and a story about your experience that we can post on our website under Student Profiles. We love hearing about your adventures!

4. Once you get home; Initiate the Transfer of Credits: Getting your courses to transfer is in your court. This is your responsibility. The courses you put on your Study Abroad Proposal Form will NOT automatically transfer. You must make an appointment with the Director of Undergraduate Studies. You must have this meeting and get your signed paperwork to your Dean prior to the end of the add/drop period.

Things to Bring:
Your filled out Evaluation of Transfer Credit Form.
Copies of your syllabi, final papers, course materials, assignments, and any other materials to justify the rationale for your courses being counted for Anthropology electives.
A sense of how to explain, clearly and rationally how your courses work as Anthropology courses.

5. Finalize Transfer of Credits: Once you’ve gotten approval from the Director of Undergraduate Studies, bring your Evaluation of Transfer Credit Form, filled out and signed, to your Dean for final approval. Double check your transcript and follow up with your Dean if you have questions.