2015-2016 Stapleton Recipients

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The Department of Anthropology is excited to announce the recipients of the Stapleton Award for 2015-2016! Please click here for more information about the Stapleton Award

Julia Jones (C’16)

Julia Jones (C'16)

Julia would like to bring the world’s current mass migration into a sharper focus on the Georgetown Campus. She plans to organize a multi-media presentation on the ongoing Syrian refugee crisis. She is looking forward to engaging the Art Department in this effort, as well as the dance company and the English Department. She plans to use her experience in dance choreography to express the horrors and challenges that are faced by Syrian refugees. The literal depiction of the migration would take the form of a series of creative short stories or poems. In this way, she would be using the expressive skills of at least three distinct disciplines to produce one extraordinary and explicit rendering of the current refugee migration. Her ultimate goal is to use the Stapleton Award to help her link these disciplines together and combine student resources in each, and to produce a gateway that leads to greater awareness and understanding.

Tomi Olutoye (C’16)

Tomi Olutoye (C'16)

Tomi became involved with the organization “Girl Talk” during her freshman year because of her deep interest in empowering young girls to grow up to be the best version of themselves. She also has a deep passion for mentoring those that are disadvantaged because of financial reasons, low self-esteem, or unstable home environments. She invests her time into Girl Talk because she wholeheartedly believes that it serves as a safe space for expression and discovery, and it is a place to foster relationships through which Georgetown student mentor participants in life skills.