Call for Applications: 2019-2020 Stapleton Award

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Classes of 2020 and 2021! Have you declared a major or minor in Anthropology? If you have, you are eligible to apply for the 2019-2020 Stapleton Award! If you haven’t, what are you waiting for? Applications are due April 8! Reach out to member of the Anthropology faculty soon!


What is the Stapleton Award?

The Stapleton Award is a funding opportunity that encourages students to explore anthropology outside of the classroom. These explorations can take many forms, such as internships and independent research. More information about the Stapleton Award can be found on our Stapleton webpage.

Are there multiple awards available?

Yes! We tend to have enough funds for 3-4 awards per year depending on the length of the project.

How much funding is available for each award?

$2500 and $5000. If a project is one semester long (this includes summer term), then the award is $2500, but if the project takes place over two semesters or the entire academic year then the amount increases to $5000.

Where can I find information about past projects?

Past project descriptions can be found on our Stapleton Archives page.

Am I eligible?

If you are an anthropology major or minor (must be declared before the application is submitted) and will be a student during the 2019-2020 academic year, then yes!

What is the application process?

  1. Talk to an anthropology professor about possible project ideas, you must have a faculty mentor for your project. A list of our faculty can be found here.
  2. Create a 1-2 page proposal
  3. Submit the proposal and the application form